Interior Surfaces

63495 - Standard Gray

When you think of plastering, you normally think of the smooth, white plaster surface that turns a sparkling blue when filled with water, but there are actually many choices that can be made. We offer multiple types of surfaces in over 50 different colors that can be applied to your swimming pool surface.

White Plaster (Marcite): What ever name you choose to call it, white plaster is the most popular of all pool plaster finishes in Southern California. White plaster is a mixture of white marble sand and white portland cement which provide a hard and smooth finish. This pool finish is the most common and least expensive, but is not as durable as other pool plaster finishes.

California Quartz is a pre-blended exposed aggregate pool finish that may last 2 to 3 times longer than standard white plaster. It is mixtures of various materials which may include colored quartz, white quartz, cement and polymers. The results is a textured pool finish that is more slip-resistant and durable than standard plaster. It also comes in a wide variety of different colors. View our selection of colors here.

Pebble is a pool surface finish intended to simulate the natural appearance of a lake or stream bed with color variations as a desired outcome. Pebble is a combination of pebbles, both natural and processed, cement and other materials.  With a wide variety of the stone color, along with the plaster color of your choice, pebble gives you the ability to create the exact custom color to suit your backyard. View our selection of colors here.

Glass Bead is the newest surface in the swimming pool industry. All of the beauty of pebble in a clear, smooth bead. This surface allows you to mix and match the many different colored beads and plasters and even incorporate pebbles to create a unique look for your pool surface.