Limited Warranty

LIMITED WARRANTY – All work performed will be guaranteed for 5 years from date of plaster as follows: All material is guaranteed to be free of defects.  All workmanship will be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard industry practices. All swimming pool plaster is subject to staining due to local water conditions or improper service that is performed by others.  Plaster and concrete are not warranted or guaranteed against cracking, checking (i.e., hairline cracks), discoloration, staining, degree of whiteness or uniformity of color. Contractor does not guarantee that samples, brochures or pictures will match the actual material after application. Colors shown in samples, brochures or pictures may vary from actual material after application.  In the event that the pool is drained by Owner without first obtaining the express written consent of Contractor, any and all warranties and/or guarantees shall be void.  If Owner fails to comply with the terms of the Contract and Payment Schedule the warranty shall be for one year only.  Installed manufactured equipment, i.e., heaters, pumps, filters, lights, will be warranted for a period of one year from date of installation or for period of manufacturer’s warranty whichever is longer. See the Terms and Conditions and warranty information sections of this Contract for more information.