About Us

Top Choice of CrewsJeff Kerber Pool Plastering was started in 1989.  But Jeff has been involved in the pool industry for much longer than that.  At the age of 14, Jeff picked up his first job on a crew as a plaster trainee working for his dad and uncle at Kerber Brothers, the largest swimming pool company at the time.  In 1974 Jeff Kerber became licensed and continued working with Kerber Brothers.  Finally in late 1988 Jeff made the decision to start it on his own and by early ’89, Jeff Kerber Pool Plastering was born, and has been leading the pack ever since.

Since that time Jeff has taken the company in many new directions.  As a leader of the pool remodeling trend, Jeff developed many of the practices that are used today.  Because the residential pool industry was still fairly young when Jeff began operations, there were many new techniques that had to be created in order to move forward in a changing market.  Jeff was the first contractor in California to perfect the technique of demoing out the plaster only from an existing pool in order to remodel; shortening the process from 3 days to a couple hours and removing the threat of a bond coat failure.  He has also been involved in the creation of many new tools and fittings which are used in nearly every pool today, including the flush aim-flow, the one-piece light niche and the first anti-vortex & anti-entrapment drain cover that automatic pool cleaners did not get hung up on.  Along with the new tools, techniques and fittings, Jeff has also created machinery to reduce waste from phases, like a pebble truck which can reuse water, saving up to 700 gallons of water per job and keeping 2,000 lbs of cement waste out of the dump!  His expertise in the pool industry has been sought after by organizations such as the National Plaster Council and by product manufacturers such as Hayward Pool Products, Pentair Pool Products, California Pool Finishes, Pool Blend White Cement, Riverside TXI White Cement, LeHigh White Cement and many others.

Jeff Kerber Pool Plastering has expanded tremendously from the early days.  Because we started out with a license to build pools (C-53), we’ve always been able to work on any portion of a pool project, from installing a brand new pool to making an old pool look like new.  With the addition of a second license (C-8) we are now able to do any concrete of decking work, with or without a pool, to better serve our growing customer base.  This includes patios, driveways, BBQs, firepits, anything!

Jeff Kerber Pool Plastering has been honored to complete over 100,000 projects since opening our doors back in 1989 and we continue to grow and change every day.