If you have purchased Kerber quartz, to quickly bring out the beauty of a quartz finish requires a specialty start-up.  For any questions, call our office or have your pool service technician contact us.

When the water is about three feet deep, you may add additional water hoses.  Aim them directly at the deep end.

Do not stop the water flow until the pool is full (center of skimmer).

Never turn on pool or spa lights when pool or spa are empty.

Step one: Check that all equipment is performing properly.  You may have to either perform a backwash on your filter or clean your filter depending.

Step two: Start your filter and any type of automatic pool cleaner as soon as the pool is full.

Step three: If you do not have an automatic pool cleaner, vacuum your pool until plaster is dust-free.  Sweep pool including bottom and walls until clean.  Test the water:

Alkalinity should be kept at 80 to 90 ppm for the first week. This will help maintain your Ph balance.

Ph balance should be as close to 7.2 as possible in the first week. 

Thereafter, alkalinity should be maintained as close to 100 ppm as possible and Ph balance should be kept between 7.4 and 7.6.

We recommend that you wait to add chlorine until after the Ph balance has been adjusted to the recommended range.(7.4 - 7.6) and the pool is relatively dust free.

After pool water is Ph balanced, follow your test kit instructions when adding necessary chemicals.

For any questions, please call our pool service department at Jeff Kerber Pool Plastering, Inc.  (909) 465-0677. You may use your pool as soon as it is clean and the water is chemically balanced.